The LaTeX Wiki has two main branches. It is a user's guide and language reference for LaTeX, a markup language for documents and web pages.

This site tries to achieve two distinct goals:

  1. to provide specific information about LaTeX quickly and efficiently, and
  2. to teach the LaTeX language and how to use it.

Each goal addresses the needs of a group of people. People in the first group will probably find the right page using google. People in the second group will need to first understand how this wiki is organized, and then use it to systematically learn all about LaTeX. There's another group of people, that overlaps the first two groups, who will help improve this wiki. If you're in this group, then you will also benefit from knowing how this wiki is organized.

LaTeX Wiki contentsEdit

Page namingEdit

Pages belonging to the two main branches of the wiki are named this way:

  • User's guide pages have singular names "LaTeX environment", "LaTeX command", etc. and say what that kind of thing is, and how it fits into the big picture.
  • Language reference pages have "list of plural noun" names, e.g. "List of LaTeX environments", "List of LaTeX commands", etc. and give a structured list of the elements that comprise each area of the language. If a type of language element is simple enough to be fully described on a short user's guide page, then no "list of" will exist in the language reference.
  • Redirects for singular nouns typically go to the user's guide pages; plurals go to the lanugage reference, although both the singular and plural may go to a disambiguation page.
  • Disambiguation pages are named "xxx (disambiguation)" and may be redirected as described above.

Category namingEdit

Content categories have singular names. An oak is a kind of tree, so the category of "oak" is "tree", not "trees".

LaTeX Wiki categoriesEdit

A Wikia wiki comes "out of the box" with Category:Browse as the top level category, with two main branches under it: Category:Organisation with pages (like this one) and subcategories that help people understand how this wiki is organized (no, it's not mispelled; it's the British spelling) and Category:Content with the actual content of the wiki that discuss LaTeX.

Organisation category treeEdit

Community(1 C, 2 P)
[×] Watercooler(2 P)
[×] Copyright(empty)
no subcategories
Forums(2 C, 4 P)
[×] Help desk(2 P)
[×] Watercooler(2 P)
Help(1 C, 5 P)
[×] Help desk(2 P)
[×] Improvement needed(3 P)
no subcategories
[×] Policy(2 P)
no subcategories
[×] Site administration(2 P)
no subcategories
Site maintenance(3 C, 3 P)
[×] Article stubs(27 P)
Candidates for deletion(2 C, 7 P)
[×] Disambiguations(2 P)
Templates(6 C, 1 P)
[×] Category templates(3 P)
[×] General wiki templates(23 P)
[×] Image wiki templates(11 P)
[×] LaTeX template(26 P)
[×] Template documentation(12 P)
[×] Transcluded(3 P)
no subcategories

Content category treeEdit

[×] Article stubs(27 P)
no subcategories
[×] Environments(empty)
no subcategories
Language reference(3 C, 4 P)
[×] Command(4 P)
[×] Environment(15 P)
[×] Symbol(6 P)
[×] Layout(1 P)
no subcategories
Math(2 C, 1 P)
[×] AMS-LaTeX(2 P)
Calculus(1 C, 1 P)
User's guide(1 C, 6 P)
[×] Package(7 P)

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